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What they say about us

  • Artem Makarevich - student

    "I want to say thank you for all people I've met here. It was outstanding four weeks. Hope to be back here next year!"
  • Mª de la Luz Martinez Gonzalez

    "I love the method used. My teacher was awesome!"
  • Kirsty Hayes - British Ambassador to Portugal

    "I thought it was excellent. Excellent teachers and very supportive environment. Would definitely recommend. Muito obrigada! "
  • Roxana Gonçalves

    "The best teaching staff, flexible approach to learning and course administration, great learning environment and support plus facilities surpassed my expectations."
  • Li Yu Yun - student

    "Gosto muito da escola inlingua e das atividades. Os professores são todos simpáticos. Vou recomendar aos meus amigos estudar aqui. Obrigada!"
  • Gerardo Schnell - Crash Intensive Programme

    "Each teacher was very willing to adapt the class to my needs. Each lesson was very customised."

Total Immersion


indi bus

The most intensive programme available at inlingua

Very tough - but the results make it worth the effort. 




Immersion 1


4.5 hours/ day with team of teachers 

+ 1 hour / day iOL

+ 1 x evening activity / wk

+ 1 lunch with teacher x1 / wk

Immersion 2

6 hours / day with teacher  

+ 1 hour / day iOL

+ 1 x evening activity /  wk

+ 1 lunch with teacher x1 / wk

Immersion   3

6 hours / day with teacher

+ lunch with teacher every day

+ 1 hour / day iOL

+ 1 x evening activity / wk

Por cada persona adicional en la misma clase, se cobra 30% extra.  
Actividad nocturna –Ejemplo-restaurant/concierto/café en la playa, etc. todos los costos incluidos