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1) EASY:    There isn't much traffic in Alaska

2) MEDIUM:  One way a company can raise money is by issuing shares.   
3) DIFFICULT:  The game was very boring and the time went by very slowly. 

4) VERY DIFFICULT (IMPOSSIBLE?):  Can you name 6 different types of nuts in English (eg peanut / pistacchio / ... ) :   almond, chestnut, hazlenut, walnut, pine-nut, cashew, pecan. 






1) EASY:    He left work yesterday at 6 o´clock

2) MEDIUM:  If he had finished at 5h30 he would have got / would've got home in time to watch the film.   
3) DIFFICULT:  He should have set off earlier. * 


to "set off" = very common phrasal verb. It means to start a journey. 

More examples: 

When we heard he was ill we set off straight away to see him

They set off before dawn

4) VERY DIFFICULT (IMPOSSIBLE?):  A person who deliberately sets fire to property = an arsonist 


Example sentence: convicted arsonist set fire to top security hospital last night.