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What they say about us

  • Artem Makarevich - student

    "I want to say thank you for all people I've met here. It was outstanding four weeks. Hope to be back here next year!"
  • Mª de la Luz Martinez Gonzalez

    "I love the method used. My teacher was awesome!"
  • Kirsty Hayes - British Ambassador to Portugal

    "I thought it was excellent. Excellent teachers and very supportive environment. Would definitely recommend. Muito obrigada! "
  • Roxana Gonçalves

    "The best teaching staff, flexible approach to learning and course administration, great learning environment and support plus facilities surpassed my expectations."
  • Li Yu Yun - student

    "Gosto muito da escola inlingua e das atividades. Os professores são todos simpáticos. Vou recomendar aos meus amigos estudar aqui. Obrigada!"
  • Gerardo Schnell - Crash Intensive Programme

    "Each teacher was very willing to adapt the class to my needs. Each lesson was very customised."

the inlingua method


The inlingua method of teaching 
is built on 10 principles for success:

  1. Only the target language is used.
  2. The main training strategy is learning through speaking. The focus on writing and reading is dictated by the learner’s needs.
  3. Learners speak more than the trainer.
  4. Learners acquire language skills through examples and practice rather than theoretical explanations.
  5. Trainers check the extent of the learner’s knowledge before teaching new material. Learners are tested regularly.
  6. Trainers tailor lessons to the individual needs of learners.
  7. Learners can be creative and participate in real communication during a lesson.
  8. Trainers correct mistakes in such a way that learners develop skill in self-correction and learn to use the language independently.
  9. Trainers use a variety of teaching techniques to keep the learning atmosphere positive.
  10. Student books are closed during most of a lesson.

We recognise that the inlingua method is only as good as the teachers who use it, therefore, we hire only native-speaker teachers who have attained a teaching degree or equivalent qualification.

Before beginning at inlingua Bern, each teacher is required to complete a two-week method training course.

Obligatory further training consists of workshops on a variety of pedagogical topics, in order to ensure that teachers and students can benefit from the latest developments in learning techniques.

Quality criteria.

Every working process is designed to make the student’s experience learning a language as positive and productive as it can be.

The guiding principles that ensure quality are:

  • The inlingua method of teaching
  • Careful selection of learning materials
  • Training and Development for teachers and Staff
  • Clear, regular internal communication
  • Clear, transparent communication with customers
  • Comprehensive testing at all stages
  • Comprehensive quality control procedures, both internal and external
  • Focus on customer service and satisfaction

More than one reason to choose inlingua Porto:

Qualified teachers.
Our teachers, native speakers of the language they teach, bring up-to-date professional qualifications and a high level of personal commitment to the job of teaching you.

In-service training for all our teachers and staff.
As a training provider we place a high priority on empowering our 50 plus teachers as well as our office staff to further develop their skills and knowledge through regular internal and external training opportunities.

Minimal teacher changes.
To every course we assign one teacher, sometimes for years, so that he or she can take personal responsibility for your learning success.

Small groups.
Our groups are always small, which means maximum speaking practice for you, more attention to your particular needs and wishes, and fewer differences in levels or learning styles within each group.

Individual consultations for all.
Every inlingua student starts with an individual consultation with one of our study consultants. Your language level is carefully tested, your objectives for the training are defined, your questions answered. We then propose a programme which fits into your schedule and your budget, whether it consists of a group course or individual lessons.

Start when convenient.
You can start when you wish at inlingua. Individual lessons and corporate solutions are organised to fit your needs. With groups in our centre, you can start in an existing group at your level on the next date most convenient for you, so long as a place is free. Your course will last 10-20 weeks from the date you start, as a rule. If you wish to continue, you can renew your course with a simple phone call at the end of your booked classes.

Smooth administration makes learning easier.
The inlingua office staff is first and foremost charged with ensuring quality in all facets of our business. Customer satisfaction in every imaginable respect is our goal: from our accessibility on the telephone daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., to the issuing of leaving certificates, to providing concrete information on prices, course dates and examinations.

Our own learning materials and teaching method.
Our proprietary learning materials are produced and delivered to us by our headquarters in Bern. These books are optimized for use with the tried and true inlingua method. We take care to train our teachers in the use of the method and materials and to provide ongoing training, so that they are in a position to teach your course with maximum effectiveness.

Teaching on Location.
We teach at many corporate locations in and around Bern. This way the participants can profit from an inlingua course without having to jump in their own car.