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Ce qu’on dit

  • Steve O'Reardon, directeur général de Ranger Oil, Angola

    ""Environnement scolaire excellent et très bonne organisation générale. Une grande expérience."
  • Nick Highton, économiste, Mozambique

    "J'ai commencé les cours sans aucune notion du portugais, et au bout de trois semaines, je repars plus confiant que je ne pouvais l’espérer."
  • Triantafyllos Karmaniolas, Avocat

    "Je vais recommander inlingua à des collègues et des amis pour son excellente organisation, le professionnalisme et la qualité de l'enseignement, mais aussi pour les compétences personnelles et communicationnelles des enseignants et pour la gentillesse du personnel en général ".
  • Teresa Křížová, étudiante

    "L'ensemble des cours s’est déroulé parfaitement. Je suis très ravie! "
  • Li Yu Yun - student

    "Gosto muito da escola inlingua e das atividades. Os professores são todos simpáticos. Vou recomendar aos meus amigos estudar aqui. Obrigada!"
  • Gerardo Schnell - Crash Intensive Programme

    "Each teacher was very willing to adapt the class to my needs. Each lesson was very customised."

Ce qu'ils disent de nos cours de portugais

coffee break at school1


"Recomendaria a outros alunos inlingua sem dúvida, pela garantia de ter ótimos professores e materiais"

Ana Torres Leao  -  March 2014 - COMBI-MIX 

"All was good for me! Teachers from the very beginning speak with you in Portuguese!"

Svetlana Blyzniuk  -  February 2014 -  Mini Group intensive

 "Very well structured.  I can see there is a real method behind. I liked that we were always repeating things we learned a few days ago. My overall impression of inlingua is excellent and I would recommend it without hesitation"

Camille Hubaud - student -  February 2014 -  Crash Intensive Programme


"The course met my needs exactly. A really excellent experience.:I would definitely recommend it to others (in fact I already have!)."

Peter Abbott - Diplomat (Deputy Head of Mission Lisbon),  January 2014 -  Immersion programme

I am very happy with the two weeks I spent at inlingua. I wish I were able to continue my lessons. I'd definitely recommend inlingua to others.

Samuel Berman - teacher -  Mini group intensive - January 2014 


Very pleasantly surprised by both the progress I made in very few days and by the professional way all my needs were met. In a word; optima!" 

Jeremy Toye - executive Director -  Crash Intensive Progreamme

"Professores muito preparados, bom material de apoio, muita hospitalidade. O meu português melhorou muito" 

Roxana Gonçalves  -  December 2013 -  Mini-group intensive


"My overall impression is extremely positive. I would definitely recommend the school. The standard of the teachers is very high."

Thomas Kring - United Nations Development Programme, economics advisor - Immersion Programme


"I am happy with these lessons. I learned a lot from it. I will recommend inlingua to anyone who wants to learn Portuguese!

Alejandro Ernesto Peno Abarca  -  November 2013 -  Crash Intensive ProgrammeP

"I would (and will be) recommending inlingua to others. The teachers, the organisation, the school and the materials are all GREAT!"

Martin Johnston  -  November 2013 -  Crash Intensive ProgrammeP  

 "I was amazed how much we were able to cover and how the way it is taught helps it stick" 

Elaine Story  -  November 2013 -  mini-group intensive 

"This is a very professional - and hugely friendly outift, and I've been very impressed.  You can quote me on this!"

Anthony Shaun Clearly  -  British High Commissionar to Mozambique -  Immersion programme 

 "I love the method used. My teacher was awesome!" 

Mª de la Luz Martinez Gonzalez  -  November 2013 -  mini-group intensive 

"I highly recommend inlingua Porto. My teachers were very good and I have learnt a lot in 3 weeks".

Julie Lemos - November 2013 - Portuguese Crash Intensive Programme 


"I enjoyed the course very much. The whole place is great and all the staff are helpful and friendly. The course is exactly what I was hoping for"

Julie Raper  -  October 2013 -  mini-group intensive 


"A very positive and rewarding experience which I am going to share with my colleagues" 

Stefania Colletti  -  European Central Bank - Language Services division - September 2013 -  Portuguese COMBI-MIX programme


"My overall impression is very good" 

Elisabeth Harmer - Deputy Programme Manager DFID  -  October 2013 -  Portuguese Crash Intensive Programme (CIP) 


"My impression is excellent. I would recommend inlingua to other students because of its teachers, it's organisation and also because the city is very beautiful!" 

Andrea Alleva -  October 2013 -  Portuguese Crash Intensive Programme (CIP)

"Everything was just perfect. I was really satisfied. The teachers and staff were amazing. I didn't expect it to be that well organised and professional ".

Marianna Izlandy August 2013 - Portuguese intensive mini group 


"inlingua was a very good experience. I improved my Portuguese a lot!  I liked the small size of the groups. It was very personal"

Erik Kemmling -  August 2013 -  Portuguese intensive mini group

"I really liked the lessons, the structure of the course and how we studied the material during the classes. The teachers are very competent and know how to keep the students motivated! Ótima experiência! ".

Eleonora Tabaroni August 2013 - Portuguese + surf


"I would recommend inlingua because the atmosphere was optimal to learn Portuguese".

Enrico Burda April 2013 - COMBI-MIX programme


"I would recommend inlingua Porto for others wishing to learn Portuese. The teachers were excellent - at once putting me at ease and pushing me to learn. They were all lovely to work with and I am grateful to them for making my time at school so enjoyable. 

Farida Shaikh, British Deputy High Commisioner, Mozambique September 2012 - iimmersion programme


"Very good impression! Your mark: A+ "   
Antonio Minguez  - 2013 -  Crash Intensive Programme


"I'm going to recommend this course to others! I loved it. I learnt a lot and I adore the teacher!!.   

Manon Hagemeier - July 2012 -  Crash Intensive Programme


"The course was great and the teachers wonderful".   

Tara Roberts - November 2012 -  Intensive Mini Group